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Commercial Security and Door Hardware Maintenance

We specialize in installing, maintaining, modifying, and repairing almost any lock or door hardware you may see installed in commercial office buildings, stores, warehouses, or storage units throughout the Las Vegas valley.

We work with over 100 locks and door hardware manufacturers from all over the world and bring you a large variety of top of the line products  from the commercial security field.

Our goal is to establish long term business relationships with all of our corporate accounts. Locks Vegas’s corporate accounts enjoy 24/7 top priority attention, Lowest service and material prices, Convenient payment methods and many more benefits  that we proudly provide.

We would like to recommend you to take advantage of these same services by becoming one of our accounts.

To visually understand the services we provide, the professional terms we are using and the products we are working with, we have prepared a gallery of pictures of locks, door hardware and other security products from our clients facilities and from our own back stock.

Please browse the product gallery, look for the product you need service for and tell us the product name or direct us to the picture.

If the the product you are looking for is not in the gallery CALL US NOW to verify service availabilty for your needs.

We are dedicated to professionalism and will perform any job to meet your satisfaction. GUARANTEED!


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